Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Red light camera accidents and the biohazards associated with them

In recent months the controversy has grown over whether or not red light cameras should be removed because of the amount of accidents and rear end collisions being caused by their presence. Bio Scene Clean Up provides blood and biohazard cleanup associated with accident scenes, trauma scenes and sites that contain medical biohazards and waste from police or emergency personnel.

When traffic accidents occur, emergency responders act very quick to attend to injuries and remove victims from harm. After the scene is cleared if there is a presence of blood, bodily fluids or medical waste, these hazards must be remediated. We are often called to accident scenes to handle these types of cleanup because we maintain the certifications and permits necessary to ensure proper site cleanup and are experienced in practicing thorough cleaning that assures the health and safety of others in or around the accident scene.

Most people don’t realize that accident scenes that contain blood spills and biohazards on surfaces like roadways, auto exteriors, in broken glass and other elements can be spread and carried distances by other vehicles, can affect cleanup crews, tow truck drivers and even onlookers who may be near the scene.  Wet blood can be sprayed on people if cars drive through it, tow truck drivers have to enter the interior of vehicles that contain possible infectious diseases from blood and bodily fluids and so on.

Bio Scene Clean Up technicians are experienced in many forms of blood and biohazard cleanup.  We provide services for Trauma, Death, Accident, Suicide, Crime and other potentially dangerous biohazard scenes. Serving the entire Tampa Bay and Sarasota, Florida areas we are specialists in insurance claims and assistance programs that aide victims of crimes and tragedies.

If you or someone you know experiences any form of blood, trauma, crime or death scene that requires cleanup, contact our team of professionals immediately for assistance. We offer fast response times, are police recommended and work discreetly to assist our clients in restoring these scenes to a safe condition as quickly as possible.

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