Monday, October 6, 2014

Why Police Departments Use Crime Scene Clean Up Companies

A crime scene is an integral part of a police investigation, but what happens once the investigation is complete? Who’s responsible for the cleanup of potential biohazard dangers that are a part of any crime scene?  In most cases, the property owner or a relative.  Bio Scene Clean Up provides biohazard cleanup services for crimes, trauma, death and other contaminated sites.

Crime Scenes can range from breaking and entering to cases as severe as sexual assault of murder.  In any ordinary crime scene biohazards that can potentially compromise the health and safety of others is usually found. Most people don’t realize that the presence of one drop of blood, when exposed to outside elements, can contain pathogens that can make you sick. If fingerprint dust is used at a crime scene, microscopic organisms can be transferred in the dust to various places throughout a scene. The dust can also carry airborne pathogens that could potentially be ingested by others who come in contact with a crime scene.

Bio Scene Clean Up maintains the necessary equipment to remediate and removal all biohazards from a crime scene. Our technicians are experienced in the cleanup of blood, bodily fluids, tissue matter and other materials found at crime scenes. We are a certified biohazard cleaning company and are familiar with both State and Federal protocols for handling biohazards.

Police departments do not clean crime scenes. Once the investigation is over, they leave the cleanup to the property owner or responsible party.  We often receive referrals from police departments clean and disinfect police cruisers, emergency transport vehicles and even jail / prison cells that may contain biohazards from inmates.

If you or someone you know has experienced a crime or trauma scene, please do not attempt to clean the scene yourself. Contact our office for assistance with your biohazard cleanup. We’ll ensure that the site is properly cleaned and returned to a safe, sanitized state expediently.

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