Monday, January 18, 2016

Crime Scene Biohazard Cleanup

Crimes in the United States can be chilling and in certain instances turn deadly for victims. The ironic part is that most crimes, even severe ones start out with a stupid idea and a dumb criminal who never intended for the crime to become violent.

Bio Scene Clean Up receives frequent calls to clean up and remediate biohazard crime scenes. Some violent, and others drug related or just destructive. No matter the case our company offers crime and trauma scene clean up services. We are experienced at blood and biohazard clean up and removal. We are perform disinfecting and debris removal from crime scenes that are left with huge messes. With a steady increase in gun related violent crimes, it’s important to know what to do in the event that you experience a crime requiring biohazard clean up.

Bio Scene Clean Up works with police and local authorities to ensure the property owners safety and restoration is done according to state and federal regulations.  We have 7 day per week -  24 hour emergency dispatch to service our Florida communities. If you or someone you know are responsible for cleaning a crime scene, we suggest that you always hire a professional company who is trained to clean these scenes.  There are several elements of crime scenes that may contain contaminants that are harmful to you and without proper precaution you are placing yourself and others at risk.

If you are not familiar with regulations and permits pertaining to these types of cleanup jobs, you may find yourself facing stiff penalties for not following proper protocol.  Certain insurance policies pay for professional clean up of these scenes and there are other organizations who may be able to assist if you are the victim of a crime. Bio Scene Clean Up is familiar with these processes and can assist you with the documentation required to file a claim or in reaching out to organizations who may be able to assist you.

Contact our office for more information on how our services can help you when being faced with this type of dilemma.

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