Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Trauma Scene Clean up in Tampa, FL

The police, fire and other rescue departments play a crucial part in handling the many tasks after a death or suicide.  These crucial professionals however, do not clean up the trauma scene. Trauma-scene clean up is a niche market within the cleaning industry and many clean up steps following a trauma must adhere to strict regulations for handling decontamination and materials.

Special equipment, chemicals and materials are necessary when performing this type of clean up as it involves dangerous and most often contaminated materials that cannot be cleaned up using conventional house cleaning methods. Depending on the location of the trauma scene, different precautionary practices become applicable to ensure safety.

Some different types of Trauma Scene Clean Up can be:

Death Clean Up  (Resulting from natural death, an accident or a violet trauma such as murder)
Suicide Clean Up
Biohazard Clean Up (Clean up of blood and other hazardous wastes, meth labs and other chemically contaminated scenes)

Bio Scene Clean Up offers these cleaning services and more.  With offices located in Tampa, FL and St. Petersburg, FL they are able to offer 24 hour and emergency services.

Since families of crime and trauma victims typically do not leave the home after this occurs, our job is to remove any sign of what happened and any biohazard materials that may be present from the incident.  These biohazard items are materials such as blood or tissues at a crime scene, bodily fluid removal and waste associated with the clean up. 

It is definitely not advised for family members or friends of family to attempt cleaning these scenes.  Often times with trauma and death scenes specifically, there are specific protocols that must be practiced in order to ensure the safety of yourself and others.  Special permits are required for handling these materials and substances and intense training should be completed by the professional who performs the clean up.  Bio Scene Clean Up is certified to performs these and many other types of clean up.  For more information about what we do preview our SERVICES.  We realize in the midst of these incidents that it’s a very difficult time for families and people associated with incidents.  We are professions, compassionate and willing to help you restore these scenes to before incident conditions.  CONTACT US for more information on how we can be of service to you.

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