Monday, November 23, 2015

Seasonal Death and Social Isolation

During the winter months our older generation experiences social isolation and feelings of disconnectedness due to not being able to be outdoors, lack of sunshine and the decrease of visits by family and friends. Unfortunately, the end result for many elders that experience this is death at home. In certain cases it is days or sometimes a couple of weeks before the death is discovered.

Bio Scene Clean Up performs death and decomposition clean up services for unattended deaths. When an unattended death occurs, the aftermath of the death scene is extremely traumatizing on the person who discovers the death. Blood, bodily fluids and other potentially hazardous pathogens can no longer be contained inside of the body as it begins to liquefy. This process begins in only a few short hours after death and the deceased can become unrecognizable in just a few short days.

Bio Scene Clean Up technicians are experienced in the clean up, removal and remediation of a death scene. It takes a person specifically trained in biohazard clean up to completely restore a property to a biohazard free state. You should never attempt to clean a death scene on your own.

Blood and bodily fluids, once outside the body become a breeding ground for infectious pathogens, attracts bugs and insects and in their dried state, it’s possible to ingest these harmful pathogens through normal breathing while cleaning the scene. Because the health conditions of the deceased is often not know, these scene become a liability to the property owner if an improper cleanup is performed and someone’s health becomes compromised.

If you own a property and are responsible for death scene or blood and biohazard cleanup, contact us immediately for professional, certified cleanup services.

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