Monday, November 2, 2015

Random shooting and blood biohazards

It seems almost daily in the news we hear reports of random shootings that leave victims dead and blood that needs to be cleaned and removed from the scene. Bio Scene Clean Up provides blood and biohazard cleanup services from gun violence and other crimes.

Due to unknown circumstances in most of these cases, our technicians are hired to clean and remediate biohazards to help protect the victim’s family and others from being affected by the potentially dangerous scene. Our main responsibility is to help victims of crime and tragedy to remain safe after a trauma occurs. Typically, in these types of cases police and emergency medical personnel leave behind materials that may be compromised with blood and other bodily fluids. If these materials are not properly removed and disposed of, the chances of biohazards affecting others is drastically increased.

When a person is wounded or dies as a result of a gunshot blood, bodily fluids and other matter can be disseminated over large areas. Some forms of biohazard material are not visible to an untrained eye. If a biohazard scene is improperly cleaned certain biohazard dangers can remain for weeks to a few months after the incident occurs. In certain cases, this type of improper cleanup can cause things like horrific odor, the attraction of bugs, stains from blood returning and can be a breeding ground for infectious diseases that others can come into contact with.

If you have the responsibility of cleanup from a crime, death or trauma scene as a result of a shooting, contact Bio Scene Clean Up for assistance. Our teams are certified in the cleanup and removal of these types of biohazards and are experienced in following strict protocols set by your State and our Federal government.

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