Monday, August 10, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions About Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime is something that the American population has become desensitized to because of the increased activity and coverage of the media and popular television shows like CSI. Rarely does anyone think about what happens after professionals investigating a crime scene are gone. Bio Scene Clean Up performs crime scene cleanup and other services involving the cleanup of blood and biohazard materials. Often times when the general public sees our trucks or our staff in uniforms, they ask similar questions about what we do. Here are a few of the questions most frequently asked:

Why is it necessary to hire a Crime Scene Cleanup Company?

Every crime scene requiring cleanup has some physical risk potentials. Most commonly, the emotional turmoil experiences when a friend or relative attempts to cleanup a violent crime scene is what we see. In almost every crime scene we clean, there is the presence of blood, body fluids and other potentially infectious or harmful materials. These elements should never be cleaned by an untrained professional. If improper cleanup is performed, the crime scene may visibly appear safe but the harmful risks to those in contact with the scene can remain for months.


Is it dangerous to clean a crime scene?

The answer to this is always “YES”. Every crime scene is different but rarely do the affected parties know the entire scenario of what happened when the crime was committed. Because hazardous or infectious elements can often be present and not seen by the human eye, every scene must be cleaned following a strict protocol to ensure that the scene is returned to a safe area free from any biohazard. Untrained individuals are not familiar with these protocols and may be putting themselves and others at risk.

Who is responsible for crime scene cleanup?

Typically the property owner bears the responsibility of having the scene cleaned and decontaminated. If the crime or traumatic event occurs at a business, it may be the responsibility of the owner of the company and/or the property owner.

There are several other questions that we are asked on a regular basis but the one constant reminder that we always tell anyone inquiring about what we do is “Never attempt to clean a crime scene yourself”.  Hiring a certified biohazard cleanup company like Bio Scene Clean Up will ensure that your property is decontaminated and cleaned properly. Anyone who performs improper cleanup can be liable in the event that anyone who comes in contact with a biohazard scene becomes affected.

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