Monday, August 24, 2015

Choosing the best Biohazard Cleanup Company

When choosing a biohazard cleanup company it’s imperative that you seek companies that are compliant with OSHA, EPA and State Environmental Agencies. Reputable companies like Bio Scene Clean Up maintain all certifications necessary for the cleanup, removal and disposal of biohazard materials from Death, Crime, Suicide and other Traumatic Events.

OSHA compliance simply means that the biohazard cleanup company adheres to the regulations in place to prevent injury and potential liability to all involved. Bio Scene Clean Up technicians are trained to handle cleanup of bloodborne pathogens and other potentially harmful biohazards. We use personal protective equipment and follow these regulations during a cleanup process.

Anytime there is the need for handling and disposal of biohazard, medial and bloodborne pathogen waste, there are certain Federal and State regulations that must be followed.  Not all biohazard cleanup companies are licensed to transport or handle these wastes so it’s essential that you understand if the company you choose is able to comply with these regulations.  Cleanup companies, as well as property owners can incur hefty fines for improper cleanup, handling and disposal of biohazard wastes.

In any form of biohazard cleanup, the company you choose must be trained in the proper use of equipment and cleaning agents that will help remediate a scene to a safe environment free of any biohazards. Even simple errors like improper dilution of cleaning agents can cause certain biohazards to remain active for days to even weeks after an incident occurs.

If you experience a death, violent crime, suicide or other traumatic incident that requires bioremediation, make certain the company you choose is able to deliver the proper information about their certifications, permits and other credentials that will prove to you they are capable of effectively performing the cleanup you need.  Bio Scene Clean Up readily provides all information necessary to help ensure the property owner that our cleanup services will be performed correctly.

Contact us for more information on the services we offer and how we can assist you with your biohazard cleanup needs.

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