Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blood Cleanup Services St. Petersburg, FL

Blood, when outside the human body, can pose a huge risk for compromising the health of anyone who comes into contact.  Once blood begins to dry, it becomes flaky and can very easily become airborne. Dried blood still may contain bacterial elements and infectious diseases that are very capable of living outside the human body for long periods of time. Bio Scene Clean Up is a certified blood and biohazard cleanup company providing blood cleanup services in St. Petersburg, FL.

In most cases, blood cleanup services are needed as a result of a death, violent crime or other traumatic event. When these types of events happen, it is probable that investigative procedures are followed and emergency medical personnel are present. Investigations, while necessary, can also cause the spread of dangerous biohazards as blood can be redistributed to other areas outside of the initial trauma scene.  The same is true for emergency personnel. When emergency responders have left the scene, they rarely worry about the elements left at a scene. The primary focus is saving lives so often you’ll find medical waste and other elements scattered around the scene where blood is present. If the blood contains infectious diseases o other harmful elements, they can be carried to other areas by footsteps, waste and even liquids and other solutions used that may carry blood away from the scene.

Bio Scene Clean Up provides certified blood cleanup services in St. Petersburg to protect you and others  related to the scene from harmful biohazards that may potentially compromise your health. We secure biohazard scenes and make certain that all traces of biohazards and harmful elements are removed and that the scene is restored to a pre-incident condition.

If you experience a blood or biohazard scene, do not attempt to clean the area yourself. The risks are too great and you can potentially endanger yourself and others. Contact us immediately for our blood cleanup services. We offer insurance communication assistance and 24 hour emergency dispatch to our clients.

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