Monday, February 2, 2015

Decomposition Cleanup Service Orlando, FL

Bio Scene Clean Up provides biohazard cleanup of decomposing death scenes in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas.  When someone dies, the body goes through many rapid changes and the decomposition process starts almost immediately.

When a person’s heart stops beating the cells and tissues stop receiving oxygen. Brain cells are the first to die, usually within seven minutes after the heart stops (bone and skin cells can survive for several days). Blood begins to drain and pool in lower-lying portions of the body. This pooling causes blood leakage that requires professional death scene cleanup. As a body’s cells die, bacteria begins to break them down causing the appearance of the body to change dramatically and smell.  Decomposing death cleanup requires biohazard remediation practices that should only be performed by professionally trained company.

Once the body is well into the decomposition process, insects are usually present. These insects not only feed on the decomposing body but are able to multiply in mass quantity. This is especially dangerous because these insects can carry contaminated biohazards to other areas and potentially other people.  If you are unfamiliar with cleanup practices for a death scene you are putting yourself and others at risk for possible contamination. If skin and bone cells can live for several days after death, that means the bacterial and other potentially dangerous pathogens can live even longer.

Because of the location, it’s very common to receive calls for decomposition cleanup services in Orlando, FL. Many of the rural areas experience increased numbers of people dying at home who many not be found for some time after they’ve died.  Discovering someone’s death is traumatic enough, but an untrained individual attempting to deal with the cleanup of a decomposing body is most often more than they can emotionally handle.

If you find yourself being responsible for the cleanup of a friend or loved one, contact  the professionals at Bio Scene Clean Up. We provide 24 hour emergency dispatch for death and decomposition cleanup services in Orlando, FL. Our technicians are professional and compassionate and have experience in dealing with the emotional aftermath experienced by our clients.

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