Monday, December 29, 2014

Crime Scene Cleanup Sarasota, FL

2014 has been a year of continual breaking news about deaths and murders of civilians and police officers throughout our country. Bio Scene Clean Up provides crime scene cleanup in Sarasota, FL and surrounding cities. Most recently, two NYPD officers were shot point blank while on duty in their patrol car. These types of crimes are happening all across the nation. Bio Scene Clean Up has seen a rise in the number of crime related deaths in 2014 that involve handguns.

Most people don’t realize that crime scenes usually involve blood and other biohazards that must be professionally cleaned. Crime scene cleanup is often a very difficult task when dealing with crimes that involve violent acts and handguns. Any time there is a presence of blood and bodily fluids, the potential risks for diseases and other health related compromises increase. The technicians of  Bio Scene Clean Up are experienced in the cleanup and removal of crime scene biohazards. After investigators and emergency personnel have left the scene, our technicians arrive to completely remove any traces of blood or other materials that can be potentially harmful to others.

Depending on the nature of the crime, if emergency medical personnel are present, they usually leave behind articles of blood stained clothing, medical waste and other items that must be removed. State and Federal guidelines have been established for the removal and disposal of crime scene cleanup waste and other biohazard materials. The  Bio Scene Clean Up teams maintain all necessary certifications and qualifications to properly restore crime scenes to a completely safe and biohazard free state.

We work closely with police departments, property owners and families or friends of the victims to ensure the safety of anyone associated with our crime scene cleanup. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a crime that requires crime scene cleanup in Sarasota, contact our office immediately for assistance.

We are insurance claims experts and are able to provide our clients with assistance resources that have been established to help during these types of crisis situations. Serving a four state region, we offer 24/7 emergency dispatch services. Call now for more information about our services and how we protect you.

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