Monday, February 10, 2014

What happens after the Crime Scene Investigators leave?

Most people think that the same individuals investigating a crime or trauma scene are also the ones that clean up the scene once their work is complete but this is not the case.  Once police and investigators collect their evidence or emergency workers have left the scene, everything else is left behind.
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Who’s responsibility is it to clean up the aftermath of these scenes? In short, the property owner is responsible for the cleanup. Any remains, medical waste, blood, tissues etc left behind must be properly cleaned up.  This is where we come in. Bio Scene Clean Up provides professional cleaning services for Death, Trauma, Suicide, Medical Emergency and many other biohazard scenes. We are trained and experienced in the proper protocols to return your property to a before incident state. Utilizing special equipment, we are trained to discover all hidden biohazards and re-mediate
the scene so it’s returned to a safe environment for the property owner.  These scenes contain many minute trace elements of pathogens and bacteria that cause odors, bugs and breed infections spores that can be harmful or fatal if not properly removed.  We never suggest that an untrained individual attempt to clean a scene like this because of the high potential health risks.

The use of industrial biohazard cleaning chemicals and proper tools are needed to ensure these items are removed from surfaces and the air in the property.  If an untrained individual attempts to improperly clean the scene, they also put others at risk who may come in contact with these materials and airborne pathogens.

In addition to experience and training, our staff members are also accustomed to dealing with family members and property owners during this highly emotional time. We provide professional, compassionate services and work expediently to remove hazards and restore the property to a good state. We are familiar with proper processes such as obtaining disposal permits and working with insurance companies to provide information pertaining to the claims filing process.

Contact our office immediately if you have an incident that requires clean up.  Although it may seem basic in nature, biohazards are often unnoticeable by the human eye and can still pose health threats for many months after an incident if not properly re-mediated.

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