Thursday, December 26, 2013

Do you have a CLEAN New Year’s Resolution?

It’s that time of year when we all vow to clean up the messes from our previous years and sometimes the years have become decades of junk, debris and un-cleanliness.  Recently, the term “Hoarding” has become a commonly known term in the age of TV Reality Shows.  The truth is, these situations have been an ongoing problem in thousands of homes across America. 

As each New Year approaches it brings a certain awareness that the upcoming year will be better than previous years only to soon realize that the tasks of cleaning and sorting through the piles of trash and unwanted items is overwhelming and quickly settle back into old habits. 

Bio Scene Clean Up is experienced in the clean up and removal of debris from hoarding, abandoned properties and even death and trauma scenes.  If you make the decision that it’s time to clean it’s important that you hire a professional company that can help with proper cleaning of these scenes. Months and years of trash, junk and rubble can often times be a breeding ground for infectious conditions, bacteria and other harmful substances.  It’s imperative that you not attempt to clean these scenes without taking the proper precautionary measures to protect yourself.  Trash and debris removal is only one small part of the cleaning process. Organizing, cleaning and boxing of salvaged items, proper disinfecting and returning the scene to a totally safe environment are other parts of what we do. We are not a cleaning service and do not clean commercial properties.  We specialize in the safe cleaning and restoration of scenes that frequently contain bio-hazardous materials and other harmful substances. 

Bio Scene Clean Up is a fully equipped team of compassionate professionals experienced in helping people restore scenes to healthy conditions.  We maintain certifications, utilize professional equipment and chemicals and have contacts that assist in safely disposing of waste from these scenes.  

The primary reason for these scenes going unattended for such long periods is simple embarrassment.  The task of doing this alone is too great for one person and people are afraid to ask for help to remedy the problem.  Our technicians are trained to assist with the emotional support necessary to get the job completed. We work directly with our clients step by step to ensure that the problems are addressed and solutions are offered to avoid re-occurrence. 

Contact us today for a confidential assessment and action plan to help you take control of your overwhelming tasks.

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