Thursday, June 27, 2013

Top 10 Work Place Injuries

1. Unsafe acts. This can range from standing on the top rung of the ladder to not wearing protective equipment. 2. Overexertion. Back injuries are the most common form of this type. 3. Same level slip or trip. This could be due to something slippery on the floor or an object in your path. 4. Fall to lower level. A major portion of these injuries occur from a ladder. 5. Strike against. May occur with a loss of balance. 6. Struck by. Objects can fall from work tables, pallets or a flying object may come from a power tool. 7. Motor-vehicle collisions. 8. “Caught in” or “crushed by.” Typically involves workplace machinery, equipment and tools. 9. Repetitive-motion injury. Also known as cumulative trauma disorders. 10. Workplace violence. Includes sexual harassment, physical attacks, robbery and other forms of violence.

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