Thursday, June 27, 2013

Protecting Yourself From Industrial-Linked Diseases

While many believe those working in a manual labour job are probably more susceptible to industrial disease due to the risk factors involved, this isn’t necessarily the case and more people are at risk of contracting an industrial disease than you may be aware of. The problem is still present and even though it shouldn’t be, more people still suffer from problems, which are caused by the environment they work in. The managers and owners of the business should monitor their workplace, in order to ensure the health and safety standards are appropriately met. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act it is your employer’s responsibility to make sure their employees are able to work in an environment where they feel safe and their needs are appropriately met. If you have contracted an injury due to your working conditions, you may be eligible to make a claim and your employer could face penalties. Industrial disease is an umbrella term for all injuries suffered in the workplace and while there are some, which are more common than others all industrial disease can have a lasting effect on anyone’s life, commonly causing a change in lifestyle and no matter how small it is, this shouldn’t be the case and if you have suffered at the hands of your workplace you could be able to make a personal injury claim, allowing you to get the compensation you deserve. Industrial deafness and tinnitus are two of the most common types of industrial deafness and sufferers may only see the symptoms up to forty years after they have been exposed to loud noises. Both industrial deafness and tinnitus can be extremely difficult for sufferers to live with, as it is a huge change in lifestyle and the compensation from a personal injury claim can help with rehabilitation methods and with any medical bills. Your employer should provide you with any safety equipment that limits your chances of suffering from any type of industrial disease. From earmuffs to safety glasses, your health should be a high priority and in order to stay within health and safety regulations they should carry out safety checks regularly. It is important that you visit your doctor if you find any symptoms of any industrial disease as the sooner the problem is identified the easier it will be to treat. For most cases of industrial disease there is no cure and the only solution is to monitor and control the problem as best as possible. If you have suffered an injury in the workplace you could make a personal injury claim by contacting a no win no fee solicitors who will help and advise you when making your case. Phoebe Willan, writing on behalf of Walker Prestons.

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