Monday, December 14, 2015

Blood & Trauma Cleanup Services

Blood cleanup needs come in many different forms. Bio Scene Clean Up provides blood and biohazard cleanup from crime, death, murder, suicides and many other accident scenes. Most people assume that crime and murder and suicide scenes are typically the messiest but certain types of accidents can cause blood spread to larger areas which makes cleanup more difficult.

Death and suicide with guns in most cases involve a single shot and can be confined to a specific area. While the event itself is horrifying, visibly the scene isn’t necessarily as gruesome as someone who suffers a sever machine accident or stabbing with a knife which causes blood to spray over widespread areas. These victims are usually mobile after the accident and move around increasing the spread of blood and bodily fluids.  In this scenario, the scene can appear much worse than a gunshot and the required cleanup process can be much more difficult.

As with any type of trauma scene, blood & biohazard cleanup should only be handled by trained professionals who maintain the proper equipment and follow correct protocols to do a safe cleanup for you.  If you attempt to handle the cleanup or hire an untrained individual to assist you, you may be liable because of improper handling or life-threatening health compromises to others.

Bio Scene Clean Up offers emergency services and we are available to help you in every step of a biohazard cleanup.  If you, or someone you know finds yourself responsible for this type of scenario, contact us immediately for proper certified biohazard cleanup.

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